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Oborne Names

This is part of the database I have created which attempts to record every person who has left some mark at some time in the records of Oborne. There will be errors, of course, involved with a transcription exercise of this size carried out by a single individual – if you spot anything that you know is wrong, it would be very helpful if you could let me know. Similarly there will be a number of duplicate entries – for example, your researches may be able to link a burial/death record to a particular individual whose birth and other details you know. In my research, because I am simply building a list, rather than undertaking family history research, when I am working from a burial record that gives only a date and a name, I have no way of linking that information definitely to any other person in the list with the same names. Thus the same person may be listed several times with a different piece of information in each row.

I hold all the supporting records for this database. Therefore, if you see names that interest you, do please email me and I will be very happy to let you have all the information I have collected; however, I am not prepared to build any family trees for anybody else!